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americanflagDouble Eagle Firearms Training (DEFTraining) is dedicated to providing clients with the State of Texas Conceal Handgun Training Course, NRA Certified Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun courses and instruction, private firearms instruction and training. Chief Instructor, Ed Sánchez, is a State of Texas certified instructor who has accumulated a wealth of firearms knowledge through personal use and specialized training for the past 30 years. DEFTraining currently offers the mandatory 6-hour Texas Concealed Handgun Classes (CHL), NRA Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Basic Courses, private firearms training, safe handling and storage of firearms and the NRA Personal Protection in the Home Courses.

DEFTraining offers a unique option for clients; teaching CHL classes at a client selected location for your convenience, including, but not limited, a private home or ranch, businesses, board or conference rooms, office, warehouse, or other city.  Private ranch locations must be inspected and certified to comply with local, state and federal guidelines for the discharge of a firearm.  A mobile shooting platform is set up to provide the range qualification proficiency test.  One class was held in an automotive repair shop stall at the request of the owner.  DEFTraining is not limited to the Austin area; CHL classes are offered in other cities.

The CHL classes include multi-media presentations, a Texas Concealed Handgun Association Handbook, NRA brochures and handouts of the most current Texas Concealed Handgun Laws.  Students will review pertinent materials and applicable laws, fundamentals of marksmanship, safe handling and storage and the use of force and deadly force in preparation for the written and proficiency tests.  You will receive an application packet, instructions on how to successfully complete the application process, targets, range qualification training and information on various types of ammunition.

Upon completion of the classroom requirements and the range proficiency demonstration, you are then ready to submit your application packet to the DPS.  Then you simply wait for the State to conduct their background check, approve your application and mail your Concealed Handgun License.

A student is NOT guaranteed a Concealed Handgun License. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) issues a Concealed Handgun License to individuals who have met all the eligibility requirements, have successfully completed course requirements, submitted a completed application packet and undergo a thorough criminal background check.

The DPS CHL application fee is $140.  (Note: This is an additional DPS cost.)