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The Double Eagle Firearms Academy or it’s instructors are not responsible for determining eligibility of a students or persons seeking to obtain a Concealed Handgun License. It is the student or person’s responsibility to review eligibility requirements closely before registering for a CHL course. Fees are NOT refundable.

Please direct any questions about eligibility to the DPS Website:
Government Code §411.172. Eligibility. (a) A person is eligible for a license to carry a concealed handgun if the person:

  1. Is a legal resident of this state for the six-month period preceding the date of application or is other wise eligible for a license under Sections 411.173 (a);
  2. Is at least 21 years of age, (military 18 – 21 years old now eligible – 2005 Texas CHL Legislation),
  3. Has not be convicted of a felony;
  4. Is not charged with the commission of a felony, Class A or Class B misdemeanor, or an offense under the Texas Penal Code, Section 42.01, Disorderly Conduct, or of a felony under an information or indictment;
  5. Is not a fugitive from justice for a felony, Class A or Class B misdemeanor;
  6. Is not a chemically dependent person;
  7. Is not incapable of exercising sound judgment with respect to the proper use and storage of a handgun;
  8. Has not, in the five years preceding the date of application, been convicted of a Class A or Class B misdemeanor or an offense under Section 42.01, Penal Code (Disorderly Conduct);
  9. Is fully qualified under applicable federal and state law to purchase a handgun;
  10. Has not been finally determined to be delinquent in making a child support payment administered or collected by the attorney general;
  11. Has not been finally determined to be delinquent in the payment of a tax or other money collected by the comptroller, the tax collector of a political subdivision of the state, or any agency or subdivision of the state;
  12. Is not currently restricted under a court protective order subject or a restraining order affecting a spousal relationship, other than a restraining order solely affecting property interest;
  13. Has not, in the 10 years preceding the date of application, been adjudicated as having engaged in delinquent conduct violating a penal law in the grade of felony;
  14. Has not made any material misrepresentation, or failed to disclose any material fact, in an application submitted pursuant to Section 411.174 or in a request for application submitted pursuant to Section 411.175.